Comprehensive system design to provide complete coverage for educational institutions.

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Ubiquitous coverage is expected by prospective students and is imperative for the future of educational institutions.

The wireless landscape for students today is dramatically different from that of students past. A modern, atypical student today brings 3-4 connected devices to campuses such as: laptops, cell phones, smart watches and tablets; that is without even considering the dormitory essentials such as smart TVs, connected home devices, smart fitness apparatus and gaming consoles.
As pedagogy continually evolves: students collaborate remotely; register attendance virtually; submit course deliverables online and attend live online seminars whilst accessing digital content. All of these activities are not viable without a robust and well-planned digital network.

Master Campus Plan Design

Educational campuses are expansive and dynamic with areas of high traffic. A well-designed master campus plan is essential to meet all capacity demands across the service footprint.

Extensive Large Venue Design Experience

Wireless Services has unique experience of designing comprehensive wireless designs for large public venues. From airports to campuses to stadiums and beyond,our engineering team rises to all venue design challenges.

Complete Connectivity

Connect multiple large campus venues such as libraries, communal spaces, sports arenas and stadiums to one purposely designed holistic system.

Solutions designed rightsized for today’s needs

…while planning for tomorrow.

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