Wireless system design and deployment in venues with unique requirements.

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The Wireless Services team has over two decades of experience of successfully deploying systems in airports, convention centers, manufacturing facilities and hospitals.

We design and build a system to suit your venue’s unique needs.

How it works

Once the system design is complete, our Operations team validates the constructability of the design, ensuring that equipment locations, telecommunications closets and cable pathways are all correct and viable.

When the design is finalized, any changes are communicated to the venue team, the final quote is presented, and the system is ready to be built out.

If your project requires Wireless Carrier Coordination, an assigned RF Solutions Engineer handles all aspects of administration and communications to ensure a timely and successful integration and ‘on-air’ date.

Throughout the build process, a dedicated project manager communicates deployment updates weekly and is on-hand to handle all project details. As the project reaches completion, your project manager shares a closeout package outlining all system details including performance data and essential system information required for maintenance.

Explore the Process

A ‘Rough Order of Magnitude’ cost estimate can be prepared based upon the size of the venue and what the customer is trying to accomplish.

Data collected from the venue to see what the indoor Carrier coverage looks like.

The data from the benchmark assessment is then used to create a comprehensive design.

A construction quote can then be prepared for the customer.

Our Operations team visits the site to ensure that the design is constructable and all details are correct.

This quote will be based upon validation that the design is constructable and no further changes are needed.

Each project has an experienced Operations Manager overseeing all aspects of the construction process. This phase of the project entails the physical construction and installation of the wireless system, headend, closet locations and oversight/coordination of the signal sources. Weekly summary reports are always shared with the customer.

Once the installation is complete, the system is successfully integrated and commissioned, all relevant information and performance data will be shared with the ownership team. All headend, closet, and antenna locations and signal source information will also be included within this closeout documentation.

Venues have the option of engaging in an annual MMR agreement which allows Wireless Services to have remote visibility into the system from our NOC (Network Operations Center).

MMR Services include:

  • Annual testing
  • Remote visibility
  • Spare parts
  • Emergency callouts
  • System repair
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Dedicated Team

End-to-end project management with a dedicated project manager 


We make the process simple and straightforward 

Ongoing Support

Once the project is complete, we provide an option for continued system maintenance and support.

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